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Hello there! I am so happy to finally be starting this blog, after many years of wanting to become a food photographer/blogger I am hoping that this is the start to a wonderful journey. As some of you may know I am about to start my final semester as a photography major at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I will be spending the entire semester working on my senior thesis project. I’ve been inspired by the idea from the book/movie Julie and Julia (click the link if you’ve never heard of it then go bury yourself in a stick of butter) and have turned it into a photography project titled “Hungry.” What I will be doing is choosing two chefs to focus on each month and studying them, learning about their cooking methods, their most famous dishes, and any other bits of information I can find. I will then recreate one of their recipes using food styling and food photography methods. In a way this is not only a project for me to get good photographs, but for me to learn about some of the most famous chef of the culinary industry and to learn how to cook something better than mac and cheese. Each month I’ll post about all the steps I’m taking for each shoot as well as some other awesome food spots around NYC. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me because its going to be a delicious one! Buon appetito! (I prefer italian to french).

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